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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Who Ever Heard of Braised Lamb Shanks on Sunday Night?

Ok, so I don't know why I am constantly on the lookout for Lamb shanks, possibly because I love them so much and have such fond memories of my mom making them way back when.... Regardless, I found me some not too long ago and had a hankerin for them today! Braised...... browned on all sides, into a pot.... cook onions, carrots, leeks, garlic....into the pot, 1 bottle of red wine and water added to cover, and cook the heck out of them! 3+ hours. Made garlic mashed and roasted green beans...

You can't really see the shanks, but they are definitely "meat falls off the bone!" Below are my "famous" garlic mashed potatoes.... the secret ingrediants? Sour cream, cream cheese, and parm cheese.... to go along with the butter and garlic... I've had people come back 3 and 4 times for more of these suckers!

And the finished product:

So, I am washing the dishes and scrubbing the pans, when I see my only daughter living at home, craving a chocolate dessert....not just chocolate, but something with liquid chocolate! So I think, Lava Cake...... chocolate with liquid chocolate inside, easy and quick.... so, no problem!

Well, there you have it..... Sunday dinner at the Lawlers....Hope you all enjoyed this amazing summer day! can't wait to crank up the grill and fire table! ox

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