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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuesday night with nothin but a bunch of wrinkled red peppers.....

Sorry for the late post! I really thought I had done this one last night. Guess I got too sleepy! Anyway, I had about 5 red peppers in my fridge (thanks to my son.. he buys them for some vitamin benefit, but never seems to eat them all!), that were getting extremely wrinkled. I knew he would NEVER eat them because of how they looked! So, I had to come up with some way to use them up........ pepper steak! why not? I had some steak tips in the freezer that I could defrost and slice up. I have a really easy recipe that calls for peppers, onions, steak, soy sauce, and canned tomato soup. So easy! cook the steak in a hot pan, cook the peppers and onions, fresh garlic, and then quick steam the broccoli.. Fold everything together, add soy sauce, white wine, and rice vinegar.

I cooked some rice, but you could serve this with noodles, polenta, or whatever you like!

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