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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tonight was a cooking "night off" for me. My sister and I get together once a week for dinner, so we can catch up on whatever...I decided to atleast give you something to look at! These are all cakes I decorated for my kids. So this first cake was from the show Kelsey worked on at Noble and Greenough. I tried to copy the picture on the program!
This cake was again for Kelsey and was when she loved the HBO show Pushing Daisies. So.... not knowing what to decorate her cake with, I chose the show. You can hopefully see the picture from the show stuck into the cake!

I thought this cake was really cool. No matter where you stood in the room, it looked like this guy was looking right at you! Jillian loved the Avatar series. I found one of the DVD covers that had a cool picture of one of the characters and decided to try to copy it.

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