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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Take the bad with the good....

After a long week of work, CSS Profiles and FAFSA apps, we thought we would go out for a bite to eat, considering that no one was home!  We found this restaurant in Hyde Park that had changed hands since the last time we ate there.  After sitting down, they brought over this poor loaf of bread with olive oil dumped all over it...

Didn't make too much sense to me....cut the bread, get oil all over your hands?  Oh well, I stayed away from that.  This was the first restaurant that I could not find one thing that sounded good on the menu!  Was going to go with a burger...figured that was safe!  Bob said why not go with mac and cheese because I always love that!  It said Gourmet 4 cheese macaroni with sausage.  So.....I went with it.

This is my dish when I was finished!  Seriously?  Where was the cheese?  It was as if they threw it in the oven with some mozzarella sprinkled on top and 4 pieces of sausage.  Like I said, seriously?

I can't stand going out to dinner and having a meal that I could never prepare and feed to someone, let alone pay for it!  When asked if I wanted to wrap it up, I said No, thank you!  

So, last night my Skidmore daughter came home for the weekend.  Poor thing doesn't eat enough protein, living with non-meat eaters!  So, this was a no brainer!  Rib eye steak on the grill, ginger jasmine rice and roasted brussel sprouts (my usual!)

Sometimes practicality over rules creativity!  She was thrilled with dinner, so there you go!  Sunday dinner?  Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce.... the works!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend and eat well!


  1. I am so with you on the dining kills me to spend money on food that I can make at home and generally better and for much less.
    I try to choose something I might not make at home but it seems as you had nothing to select from....did you try a dessert or were you by then just happy to go home. Such a let down; you go out to relax and enjoy a nice meal to only be completely disappointed. I hope you returned home to a nice glass of wine and a soak in the tub ;-)