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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sad Tuesday!

Sorry guys..... today turned out to be a bust for me.....literally! Had a repeat mammo and it turns out they want me to go in for more tests.... SHIT! This is the news you never want to hear. So, I come home and put a pot on to boil. I turn on the Forman grill, throw some sweet Italian sausages on, and boil some pasta. Open a jar of really yummy Napolitana sauce by Barilla, and poof! Instant meal with no me!

Like I said, I am sorry to disappoint. I promise tomorrow will be much better. Hope y'all have a wonderful yummy night...

Thought I would close with a really cute picture of my kitten right before we brought her in to the vet to get spayed this morning...

She did really well and is a trooper.... We are so glad the moaning and howling will stop!

Precious girl..... hope she bounces back!

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