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Monday, December 17, 2012

Chicken Parm casserole? So delicious and easy...

The dinner I am about to share with you has to be one of the easiest dinners I have made in a long time!  It literally took me 30 minutes from start to finish, and that included defrosting the chicken breasts!  I found this recipe on a web site that is one of my favorites  (  His name is Chef John and he is such a hoot.  You'll have to check him out sometime.  

Start by pouring about 2 tbsp of olive oil into your casserole dish.  Crush 2 garlic cloves into the oil, and sprinkle with some crushed red pepper.  Lay approximately 5 boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the oil.  If you have smaller chicken breasts, you could probably fit 6, but it's all about how big your cooking dish is. 

Once the chicken is in the pan, season with some freshly ground sea salt and pepper.  Cover with approximately 1/2 of a jar of your favorite sauce.

Now for the flavor....snip a whole bunch of fresh basil over the sauce.  I refuse to tell you how much to add!  you could never add too much.....

 Here's where this recipe gets so cool..... you begin by covering the chicken and sauce with shredded mozerella cheese and some parmesan cheese.

Would you believe the next step is croutons???  It really works!  Trust me.  Cover the cheese with the croutons, and top with more Mozerella and Parmesan.

Once you are done, it is ready to go in a 350 degree oven for about 50 minutes.  During the last 10 minutes or so, check to make sure it doesn't get too brown.  Let it stand for about 10 minutes, then cut and serve... The top is so crunchy and cheesy, and the chicken is moist and tender underneath.  What an amazing idea!  

Even though poor Shannon is buried in homework, she makes time and space to enjoy a really yummy dinner!

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