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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A slightly different Corn Chowder

Sorry I disappeared for a little bit, but our house has been stricken with a horrible bug, and when I say it knocks you off your feet, it does!  I am finally able to do something, so of course the first thing I do is cook soup!  I love to make corn chowder, but wanted to add some different ingredients like red peppers and carrots, so you'll have to let me know how you like it.

I began by cooking a diced Vidalia onion in a couple of tablespoons of butter.  I added some crumbled bacon and let it cook until the onions were tender.   Once tender, I added 2 tablespoons of flour.  Meanwhile, in another pot, I poured 1 box of chicken broth, a teaspoon of paprika, 3 or 4 bay leafs and let that simmer for about 10 minutes.

I cut up 2 russet potatoes and chopped a handful of small carrots and added them to the broth, along with a sprinkling of Thyme, so they would begin to cook.  After about 15 minutes of simmering, I added this broth mixture to the onion and bacon.  At this point I also added 1 bag of frozen corn and 1 can of creamed corn.

Now for the "soup" part..... and this I usually don't measure.  I poured in some 1% milk and probably 2 cups of half and half.  Here is where you have control over how much soup you make..... if you need alot, add more milk, if less, hold back some.  You can always add more if after serving it there isn't enough soup to go with the ingredients.   I stirred it, added salt and pepper, and because of the flour, it thickens nicely.  I had some left over ham from Christmas day, so I diced some of that and added it, along with a can of creamed corn.

I had to get my daughter to be my taste tester, seeing as I can't taste anything right now!  She gave me the thumbs up, so luckily my instincts were spot on.

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