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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home-made raviolis using wonton wraps! Who knew?...

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love fresh, home made pasta, but I have to tell you, it definitely takes time.   And, on a Wednesday night at 6:00, I don't have a lot of time, so I discover this incredible plan of using wonton wraps as ravioli pasta.  From all I read, it sounded like a winner, so I decided to try it.  

First you want to get your sauce cooking.  Open a large can of stewed tomatoes, and put in a sauce pan.  Add one cut up Vidalia onion, and 2 smashed garlic cloves.  Cover and simmer on low until the raviolis are done.

I made the filling with about 2 cups of ricotta cheese, about two good-sized handfuls of fresh spinach that I cut up, a handful of fresh parsley and fresh basil, a sprinkle of onion powder and garlic powder, and salt and pepper.

I cooked 6 sweet Italian sausage that I took the casing off of and broke up. I add about 3/4 of it to the filling, the rest I will add to the sauce...

I had about a cup of Monterrey Jack cheese, so I added that, along with some shredded Parmesan cheese.  I beat one egg and dumped that in.  Oh, and don't forget fresh parsley and fresh basil.   These are key to the amazing flavor!

All you have to do now is stuff the raviolis....   I have to say, this was not difficult, but it was time-consuming, so pour yourself a nice glass of red, and get comfortable....

Get a wonton wrap, place a small portion of the filling, paint the sides with an egg white wash, fold over and press together.  That's it!  Very easy....

Get your large pan half full of water and bring to a boil.  Add a splash of olive oil, and when boiling, throw in your ravioli and cook for 5 minutes.

Take your sauce off of the heat, use a hand-blender, and blend the tomato/onion mixture.  Add some fresh chopped parsley and basil, and let simmer. 

When the ravioli is done,  spoon on to your serving dish and ladle sauce over them so they won't stick together.  Sprinkle with some Parmesan cheese.

The only thing left to do is eat them.  And, I can't wait to hear what you think!  Everyone here could not believe how delicious they were!  

I have to agree that they were really yummy!  and the possibilities of what you could use for a filling are endless....shrimp, lamb and mint, or what about steak and cheese?  Enjoy.


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