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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Feel like a little stir fry tonight...bring on the pork tenderloin!

Tonight is a perfect example of my cooking, when I have no idea what to make!  I was supposed to have dinner with my sister, but plans were cancelled at the last minute.  So, here I am at home at dinner time.  All of my kids are out, so I am the only one here, and am trying to figure out what I feel like eating!  As I have said many times before, when in doubt, you never can go wrong with pork tenderloin.

So, let's see what you think of my creation!

I sliced two tenderloins, and marinaded them in soy sauce, a little olive oil, some chopped ginger, a couple of crushed garlic cloves, a little corn starch,  and sesame oil.  I would have added a little sherry if I had some!

I cut up a Vidalia onion and half of  a green pepper and cooked them.  When done, I placed them in a bowl, so that I could cook the pork.  I added a few cut up mushrooms to the onions, figuring the heat from cooking them would just about take the chill off the mushrooms.

I warm the pan up so that I can now cook the pork,  a small amount at a time.  The whole point is to cook everything hot and quick.

When all the pork is cooked, I add it to the onion and pepper mixture, and dump in a bunch of pine nuts.  You could add peanuts or cashews if you have either of them on hand.  I had a bottle of Oyster Sauce that I added to this, along with the end of a bottle of General Tsao's sauce.  In other words....whatever you have on hand that has an oriental flavor would work!  I worked with the flavors of ginger, garlic, soy sauce,  and then whatever else I could find.  The corn starch you mixed in with the pork will work well at thickening your dish.

The last ingredient I want to add is some ramen noodles.  I cook 3 packages in a separate pan.  I drain off the broth, and mix the noodles into my  creation.

After giving it a taste, I only needed to add a little more soy sauce.  I have to say, for having no idea what to make for dinner, this came out pretty darn good!  

Feel free to experiment and add more veggies if you have them~ nothing is set in stone!

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