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Monday, July 2, 2012

Not Your Average Graduation Party...

This is the first time I have catered a party at my house.  You all know me by now, so you know how difficult this decision was!  I have to tell you.... the restaurant I chose was unbelievable.   Fiorella's Restaurant  (Inspiration from Italy, Hospitality from the heart...)

They are located at 187 North Street, Newtonville, MA and the level of support I received was incredible.  I started out by talking to Marcel.  I ordered chicken parm, toasted ravioli, caesar salad, and Italian calzones.    He spent a good half hour on the phone discussing quantities and making sure I had a good variety of dishes.  The following day, I received another call from Marcel, feeling I needed a little variety so that not everything had a red sauce....ergo, the lemon chicken with penne pasta, artichoke hearts, olives, and a delicious sauce.

Two days later, I get call from the chef, just to go over quantities to make sure I had enough food for the amount of people I expected.  I'm telling you, the amount of time this restaurant spent on the phone with me, making sure the food was all good, was incredible.  This restaurant  gets my vote for the cleanest, most dedicated employees, and the best menu and bang for your buck!

I was quite proud of how the back yard looked, all gussied up for the party....

 for all the tables I set up, not one person sat at any of them!

My grape arbor is wide open right now because I no longer have the canope of grape leaves to give us shade.  I have planted honeysuckle, which has made its way over the top, but its going to be atleast another year before we get the shade back, so I ran to Home Depot and bought painting tarps.  I grabbed my staple gun from the basement and attached the tarps the the pergola.... instant shade!

I must have had 25 people perched under the tarp!  It was great!

So, for you decorating gurus... I had these red curly sticks from Christmas that I stuck in to a bunch of the bushes around my yard for the red Fairfield theme.

Last, but not least...... I have a garden area that needed some work.  It was too big to just stick a bunch of perennials and shrubs in, so I decided I wanted yet another water feature.  Go figure!  I already have two ponds and a hot tub....  anyway, I found this bubbler-type fountain on line.  I liked the fact that it wasn't real stone, and it was the right size for what I was looking for.  My  irreplaceable friend, Derek, whom I have designed many a garden with, decided to surprise me and install it the day before the graduation party!  AMAZING!!!!!  I love it....


So tomorrow it is back to my old self, cooking up a storm!  Thank you all for following me...... 

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