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Sunday, July 1, 2012

"light" summer dinner...

So, I have had a few requests for a "light" summer dinner.  I have to tell you that all of my cooking I consider to be light, because over the last year and a half I have been trying to lose weight, both through getting up at 5:00 a.m. and getting on the tread mill, and by cooking smart.  Believe me, if I make something that is decadent, I will let you know!!!

So Friday night, everyone was pretty much spent and just wanted something easy and yummy, and I refused to make boxed macaroni and I decided to marinade some chicken legs and thighs I had left over.  As you know, I love flavors, so I dragged out an army!

I decided to make a quick marinade of canola oil, sesame oil, rice vinegar,  soy sauce, honey, honey mustard, fresh grated ginger, and believe it or not, dried cilantro.... I figured, I should give the chicken a little dimension   I left the chicken in the marinade for about half an hour.   Just before I went out to cook it, I loaded a pot with chicken broth, butter, and dried onion.  Threw in the rice pilaf and cooked for 20 minutes.    While that was simmering, I go out to grill.

I started out grilling over the hot flames, but due to the honey in the marinade, the chicken tends to get dark before it is done, so I moved it to the upper rack in my grill, so that it could continue to cook without getting too singed.  Came out perfectly!!!  I cooked some rice pilaf to go with the chicken.... No veggies tonight!  Everyone seemed happy with the flavors and didn't miss the greenery!  Stayed tuned for the blog on my successful graduation party Sunday night!!!

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