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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fresh Veggie Pasta turned Pasta Salad...

Last night I felt like something very light, healthy and easy.  I decided to start out with some light egg noodles I had left over, along with a small amount of ziti also left over.  While my pasta was cooking, I looked to see what vegetables I had in my fridge.

I found some leftover grilled corn on the cobb, so I cut off the corn and started my bowl of ingredients.  I love Vidalia onions, so I cut one up, sauteed it in a little olive oil, and added it to my collection

I found a really cool box of multi-colored cherry tomatoes , so I cut them up and added them to the bowl.

And if you haven't noticed, because I love artichoke hearts more than anything, I tend to add them to most of my meals.... and tonight was no exception (1 can of artichoke hearts, quartered).  In they go.

I also decided to finely chop two cloves of garlic and add them because it seemed like a flavor that would naturally go well with everything else.

My plan was to totally stay away from cheese tonight, but I buckled when I saw a block of feta.  Turns out it was "lite" which made me feel better.  Crumble and add to the bowl.

Once the pasta is done, I drain the water out and dump it into my bowl of ingredients.  I found some fresh spinach and decided to toss that in as well.  As for a sauce?  Drizzle some olive oil and add a couple of splashes of white wine.  Cut up fresh basil and gently stir.

Last but not least, a good amount of fresh basil - chopped, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and a handful of pine nuts.  Ta dah......

Perfect light summer dinner.  As for the title of this blog?  Well, it started out as a hot pasta dish, but by the time I finished doing my thing, it had become cold.....ergo pasta salad!  Delish.

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