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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's a great night for some Italian Sausage Soup...

Whenever we go to Bertucci's, inevitably someone always get their sausage soup.  It just seems so basic and simple, I figured I could pretty easily make it at home.  As far as I can tell, their ingredients are rice, diced tomatoes, onion, sausage, chopped spinach (looks like frozen, not fresh), and Parmesan cheese.  Now, you know me by now, I like to add a little bit of me, so see how it turns out.  

I start by removing the casings of the sausage and break them up as they cook.  Once they are done, I put them aside and cook the onion.
Meanwhile, in yet another pan, I cook up one cup of long grain white rice,  just until it is almost done.  You can always use brown rice if you prefer, it just stays a bit too crunchy for me! Someday I am going to make this with small soup pasta instead.... call me crazy! 

I will add the rice to the soup just before serving it.  Itt breaks apart the longer it sits in the soup, which is how Bertucci's serves it, so I try to add it in at the end so it stays together a bit more.

Let's see, what's left?  Just to put it all together and let it mingle for a little while.  So, into a big soup pot goes the sausage, onion, some crushed garlic cloves (maybe 2-3), diced tomatoes, and a lot of chicken broth (I usually add at least 2 boxes).  Now is also the time to add the Parmesan cheese.   If you add it too early, it will just stick to the bottom of the pot, trust me!  Once you taste the soup, you can add however much salt and pepper you like.  You could also add crushed red pepper for a little heat. After everyone has eaten, there is usually not enough of the broth-part left, so I will add another box before I put it away (very clever on my part!)  

 So, I think that's it.  The flavors of the sausage, onion, and garlic really speak for themselves.  And I love loads of fresh spinach floating around.  Just so you know, even though it looks like you have made a ton of soup, there won't be much to have for left overs...

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