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Thursday, May 17, 2012

honestly? all this work to post and no responses????

Nothing personal, folks..... I just have no idea if anyone is even reading all of my posts!!!  I figure, a long way down the road when I am not around any more, my kids and friends can read all of these and say.... "ahhhhh, Suzanne....  she was such a cool dude.  It's so nice to read's like she is still here!"  kinda morbid, but it is sort of like leaving a legacy....right?

So tonight, I have all 4 of my children home which is sooooo cool.  But of course, they scatter in a million different directions, and have all been eating a ton of chicken lately!  So, I have to come up with plan B.  Pork tenderloin..... my best friend!  I have to tell can cook it whole, butterfly it and stuff it, or slice it and cook as medallions..... any way you slice it, it is easy and cooks fast!!!  So, without here it comes..... pork medallions with jasmine brown rice with almonds and cinnamon, and roasted hericote vertes.....

Slice the semi-frozen pork tenderloin.....pound flat, dust with a combo of flour, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, S&P and rosemary.... cook in a little canola oil, sprinkle with parm cheese and warm in the oven...hazaaah.

rice:  brown jasmine rice cooked in chicken broth with onion.  When done, add sliced almonds and sprinkle with cinnamon (yes, cinnamon....yummy).  Beans (hericote vertes) are tossed with olive oil and S&P and roasted..... and there  you have it.  Dinner in under an hour.  BTW.... next day, leftover pork medallions are yummy in a sandwich!

I just have to share a couple of pictures of my two daughters at our dinner out last night...21st birthday celebration for my first child...

Hopefully you can try this dinner some night.... it really is yummy!

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