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Sunday, June 3, 2012

We're having MEAT for dinner!

How funny is this?  I have three racks of ribs basically covering two of my counter tops.  My daughter walks in and asks me if we are having this meat for dinner?  Instead of explaining what it was and what I was doing to it, I simply said "yes!"

I know I left my last blog suggesting something using my fresh basil, along with pasta and what not, but I was just feeling the ribs all day today and decided what the heck!  That is why the meat was strewn all around my kitchen.

I cut the racks up and seasoned them with sea salt, pepper, mustard powder, onion powder, garlic powder and paprika.  Oh, and I used one of my new spices as well.  It is called Ras el Hanout (35 herbs and spices including tumeric, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, fennel, lavender, roses, paprika, grains of paradise, and others....)  so basically, yum!

The method of cooking I am using is to fill the bottom of a roaster pan with water.  Then, put the rack on top and place the meat on the rack.  The oven is at 200 degrees.  After an hour, check the water and refill if necessary.  Cook for another 45 minutes.  Increase the heat to 300 degrees.  At this point, you can add whatever sauce you want on the ribs and cook for another 35 minutes.  Check the water level one more time, add more sauce and cook at 350 for 30 more minutes.  So I think the total cooking time is 2 hours.

I will probably saute some fresh broccoli to go with it and call it a day!

Well, just to give you an update.... the broccoli and ribs were to die for, as you can tell from the plate below!

I know it sounded like a complicated procedure, but it really was easy and the ribs come out so juicy and tender!  

Tomorrow's my first day on my new job... depending on how the day goes, it will be interesting to see what I feel like creating for dinner!

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