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Friday, April 18, 2014

Shrimp Scampi with Avocado a la mode

This is one of those meals that always tastes delicious and yet I found something that makes it even better.....avocado!  I have made dishes before where I have incorporated avocado, but usually within about 10 minutes of completing it, the avocado starts to turn dark, which doesn't look very appetizing!  By placing the avocado on top as a garnish, the problem was solved.  Also, this is not as oily as some scampi recipes can be, which is a good thing.
The ingredients are very simple:
1 lb of pasta
2 Tbs butter
1 bag of small salad shrimp
3 cloves of garlic
 red pepper flakes to taste
1/4 cup white wine
 1 Tsp lemon zest
Salt and Pepper to taste
lots of fresh chopped parsley
Parmesan cheese
Sliced avocado
I started out by chopping my parsley and garlic and zest the lemon rind.  Next I needed to thaw the shrimp.  While that was going on, I boiled the water and cooked the pasta.  As soon as I drain the water out, I add the chopped garlic to the pasta.  I find that the heat from the hot pasta cooks the garlic just enough.
All that is left is to combine everything.  I use my large fry pan and add a little olive oil.  Over medium high heat, I quickly sauté the shrimp with a little salt and pepper and crushed red pepper.  Turn off the heat and add the pasta, parsley, white wine, and stir.  The last thing to add is the cheese and taste.

Scoop into serving bowls and top with slices of avocado.


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